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Severe pain after egg collection


I had my egg collection yesterday and had a really slow pulse and felt sick when i came round. Since ive been home ive slept loads and been able to eat fine but i can barely walk as in soooo much pain and my belly is huge! Im struggling to wee as that is also really painful and it hurts when i take a deep breath. Think i may be constipated and have trapped wind though so Im thinking that it may all just be putting pressure on my ovaries? Just want to see if anyone has had similar experiences as im worried i might be over stimulating and have read that pthers have just had mild period like pains.

Im going to check with hospital as soon as there open!


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Hi, I had my EC last Monday and I was exactly the same. Hurt to walk and sit down. Generally painful to move! My stomach was also bloated. It was painful to wee and I was constipated. I only had 4 follicles on one ovary so mine can’t have been very big so I was surprised at the pain. The clinic checked me over and did a urine dip. They just said it should settle and it did after a week. It helped a little once the constipation had passed. Always worth letting your clinic know. But try not to worry. My transfer went ahead as normal. Pain killers, hot water bottle, rest and lots of water. Good luck xx

LouBoo85 in reply to gemmy999

Cheers gemmy999 i had 42 follicles and they told me my overies were 6cm's each so maybe they have just been through the mill. Sending my boyfriend for some constpation relief as soon as the shop opens 😩😩 so hopefully that will sort me out.

Wasnt expecting pain like this

gemmy999 in reply to LouBoo85

Wow, yes you do need them to check for OHSS and if I was in that much pain from 4 then I can’t imagine why it’s like to have 42! Take care. Xx

Hi Louboo85. I just eead you had 42 follicles? Don't underestimate your symptoms as they could lead to OHSS. I don't want to scare you but better to check with your clinic. Good luck!

Yeah thats what im worried about but no signs of sickness? Deffo give them a ting when they open....gona look a right tit if its just trapped wind 😂😂 better safe than sorry though

Hi, I had/am having similar experience. I was very sick on the day itself after the collection (couldn’t keep any food down) and in a lot of pain. Yesterday (the day after) the sickness had gone but still in pain, especially when wee’ing. Today I’m in less pain but still very bloated and uncomfortable.

Keep drinking, think it starts to be a concern if your wee is very dark. I think a third of women get mild OHSS so may be that, but do call hospital as will need to check that’s it’s not more severe.

Spoke to them and they dont sound worried...they just said to get something for constipation and wind and see how i feel in a cpl of days so hopefully nothing to worry about xxx

Good news people 15 of my 21 eggs have fertalised...happeeeeeee! 😁😁😁

Cinderella5 in reply to LouBoo85

Brilliant news! Just keep an eye on that pain and drink plenty of water.xx

Thanks cinderella5, will do! 😁😁

It’s normal to have pain, I had severe pain for 4 days and on day 5 it got much better. Try not to walk to much rest as much as you can it help a lot. use heat pad and drink loads of water about 2 3L per day. Peppermint tea is good for bloating and if you think you have trapped wind. Hope you feel better soon xx

Ahh cheers anna00 yes my friend has just reccomeded peppermint tea too xx

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