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Menopur day 7 and cramping


Hello all

So today is day 7 of taking menopur, I started on 4 powders but as of Friday they cut it down to just 2 powders a day. The last 2 days I have had quite bad cramps, like a constant period pain. Is this normal or is this just my eggs growing or am I ovulating early.

I’m not in for my next scan until Wednesday.

I just need to know that this is either normal or not so I can do something about it.

Thank you xxx

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It’s almost certainly your ovaries aching, I thought of it being like them aching with the weight of all the extra follicles! You’re very unlikely to be ovulating as menopur isn’t the right drug to cause ovulation. X

Thank you, I was pretty sure it was but I just wanted to check. This whole proses makes you worry about everything doesn’t it. Xxx

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