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Egg collection uodate


Hi ladies so y’day I had 10 eggs collected, 4 were good eggs but only 2 have fertilised. I’m provisionally booked in for egg transfers on Tuesday (as long as they both/one continue to to do well).

I don’t know why but I just feel so emotional since hearing the news. I feel disappointed in myself! My partner keeps telling me to be positive and that some women don’t get any eggs that fertilise, which I know is true.

I just feel so nervous! I really hope that we can get at least one good one.


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Please don’t stress, I only had 2 eggs last week but both fertilised and made it to day 5, I had the transfer and my other one is in the freezer! I was exactly the same as you I was so upset but it only takes one ☝️ best of luck with everything! I find out next Wednesday 🤞

lau_har1 in reply to lucylob

That’s given me some hope, thank you!! I need to try and think positive and hope for the best... like you said, it only takes one!!

Keeping everything crossed for you that you get the lovely news you want 🤞🏼😘

lau_har1 in reply to lucylob

Can I ask, was ou advised to have a day 3 transfer but still went with day 5? I’m torn between putting it back on day 3 or just hoping we have some luck and stick it out until day 5 xx

lucylob in reply to lau_har1

They just called us on day 2 to say they were great and would definitely put it in on Day 5 xxx

I know this can be massively disappointing (kicked myself many a time) but you have 2 embryos there so hang onto that.....and as cliche as it sounds, it only takes one! Good luck with transfer!xx

lau_har1 in reply to Cinderella5

Thank you for your reply! Our clinic has said they think it’s best to transfer on day 3 (Sunday) but Harley Street think it’s best to wait until Day 5 (Tuesday. We have decided to wait until Tuesday and what will be will be. My father in law unexpectedly passed away in February this year, and y’day when I was having my egg collection there were so many little signs as if he was around, so we’re hoping that he is around somewhere brining us some luck 🤞🏼

Cinderella5 in reply to lau_har1

Oh hard one, I think most clinics offer a 3 day transfer if there is only a small number of embryos....seems to be common practice - the thought is they are better back in mum than in a dish but yes you have to go with your gut feeling! Sorry to hear about your FIL, really hope he is looking down on you guys!xx

Fingers crossed for you! Good luck xx

Hi there. It's really hard when the numbers go down after egg collection.. starting hopeful with x number of eggs.. then a smaller number fertilise and so on. It is really hard as the numbers go down and you start hopeful. BUT keep hopeful at this point... you do really only need one. A friend of ours had one round of ivf aged 41, one egg collected, it fertilised, embryo didn't look great... but it did great, and she now has a baby! Hoping good luck for you. xx

I can totally understand your disappointment and others have said it but it really does only take 1. I hope they both continue to do well, keeping everything crossed for you xx

lau_har1 in reply to E_05

Thank you! Been an emotional mess today xx

E_05 in reply to lau_har1

That’s understandable, you go through so much to get to this point. Did they offer you a day 3 transfer? Xx

Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Hoping they both make it to embies! Quality over quantity xx

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