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Donor Embryos fresh vs frozen, which is best ? I will be having fibroid surgery in a couple of weeks and been presented with these options 🤷🏻‍♀️

Hi everyone, This post is targeted to anyone going through egg donation. So I had a scan last week and found that I have submucosal fibroid which my clinic in Spain says I need to remove. My husband has left his frozen sperm in Spain and they presented me with 2 options. Option 1. Let’s carry on with donor stimulation and freeze embryos so when I am ready for transfer I don’t have to go through the synchronisation with Donor. This is good for time as I don’t have to wait to be in sync with donor. Option 2 . After my surgery I have to take the pill so I can get in sync with donor for fresh embryos, this takes more time. Here is my dilemma... I understand the advantage of time with frozen embryos vs fresh. However which is the overall best option? What are the risks of frozen embryos, will I loose some in the thawing process? Does anyone have experience in this please? Thank you

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Hello MrsAb, I was almost faced with this situation two weeks ago. Not because of complications but because I bottled it. There’s a post about it on my profile. My lining was perfect and my consultant was keen that if I found the strength I might be able to. But they were very clear that they could do frozen and that I shouldn’t worry.

I think every consultant would tell you different. I wish there was a standard approach to IVF when it came to advice. Some evidence shows that frozen embryos are actually better; while some would say fresh is best.

@WeeMrsH had frozen embryos and she got a BFP this week. They’ll choose the best ones... and don’t forget with donor eggs... you’re playing with strong great eggs in the first place.

I did a fresh cycle. Result in in the morning. Sorry for the ramble xx

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Hi Emu2016 thanks for the post and wish you the very best😊I have just emailed consultant and would be nice to know peoples, experiences too. Yours has been helpful thanks

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