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Dating an IVF pregnancy

Hi, I'm pregnant after my second IVF cycle & am wondering how I date the pregnancy. If I fill in a due date calculator it asks for the first date of my period which is fine. My question is as I was stimming for 17 days will the due date be a few days later than suggested? My period started the 5th of March, EC was on the 22nd with transfer on 25th of March. If anyone can help I'd be really grateful. Have a good day all x

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10 weeks 4 days pregnant. You add two weeks on from egg collection. If you put in ivf due calculator, one will come up that gives you the option of egg collection rather than last period xx

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Thank you for your help. X


Your welcome.

Have you not had your first scan or midwife appointment yet? Xx



That has a section where You choose ivf then drop down a box pick egg collection or transfer day and it give you your date it’s quite interesting as it tells you the stages then what birthstone etc and milestones

Congratulations on your pregnancy x


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