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No symptoms after transfer but did last time, anyone else similar experience?

Morning all,

4 years ago I was insanely lucky and had a successful round of ivf that resulted in a healthy baby boy. A couple of days after transfer I had symptoms of implantation start, e.g. a knitting feeling on either side of my pelvis and a pulling behind my belly button.

I had a FET this time around and had it on Thursday morning. So far I’ve had absolutely no symptoms like I did last time.

I’m really worried that this one hasn’t worked because I haven’t got the same symptoms as last time.

Has anyone experienced different symptoms second time round? Or might this one just not work out? 😬 I’m still trying to think positive but feeling all over the place!

Thanks xx

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I had no symptoms at all after my FET and now have beautiful baby girl xx

Good Luck xx


Hi, please don’t worry! I’m currently 10 weeks and felt absolutely nothing- no pulling, no sensations at all! Never had implantation bleeding, nothing!! Been pregnant 6 times before this and felt a few sensations maybe 3 out of 6 times, means nothing. Only symptom I had up to 7 weeks was ever so slightly sore boobs but only off and on and nausea from just over 8 weeks. Good luck!! Xxx


Hi, I had loads of symptoms last time and got a BFN. I’m due egg collection tomo and I’m hoping for no symptoms this time! I think everyone and every cycle is different. Stay positive. Good luck xx


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