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Period after miscarriage, is this normal?

Hello hello,

I should be getting my period this weekend. Sorry for TMI but have been having cramps for the last week on and off and since yesterday afternoon brown blood mixed with CM. It’s not turning red and is not very much at all. I think I did ovulate, testing with the cheapies 2 weeks ago. Hoped for a miracle but tested negative yesterday with ClearBlue.

Is this normal for a first period after miscarriage? I’m seeing the consultant today anyway, but wondered what other people’s experiences were..

Thanks! X

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Sorry to hear of your loss, I think I’m in the minority as after both my MMC AF returned in normal flow and pretty much when was expected. I hope your consultant is able to give you some answers x

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Thank you. Sorry for yours too. AF arrived in full force the next day so I’m back to normal now! X


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