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SCH and work are being awful

I've got a Sub Chrionic Hematoma. I've been brown sporting continuously since week 7. I'm now week 9. I took 2 weeks off work from the start of April because of all the worry of it.

I went back in to work today and was told I'm not getting paid sickness. Apparently you have to work a full week at the start of the financial year to be entitled to sick pay.

I was completely shocked, and have had to phone my parents and MIL to help us with our mortgage and other bills this month.

The spotting was getting light whilst I was at home resting, but one day back at work on my feet and there's a lot more brown blood coming out and more back pain than I've been having while resting.

My job is in a shop so I am on my feet all day and there isn't the opportunity to sit down apart from my lunch break.

I phoned my GP who is happy to sign me off until the bleeding stops, which I would gladly take, but I won't get paid. And this means relying on relatives to help me financially.

I want to do anything I can to protect my baby. I just want the blood to stop.

In America they tend to treat this with bed rest of modified bed rest. But in the UK they don't really give you any advise.

Does anyone have any advice? I'm desperate to keep this pregnancy.

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Hi lovely - do your work know your pregnant? I’m pretty sure they aren’t allowed to do this- have you checked your handbooks/contract etc? You should be treated differently as your pregnant. Can you speak to HR? Or I would maybe even call citizen advice to see what they say.

I know how you feel, my brown bleeding has been continuous. And I have had three massive bright red bleeds and cramp a lot if I have had a busy day. It’s a worry and I worry every day. Take one day at a time.

I had another scan on Friday and my SCH hasn’t got any smaller but hasn’t got bigger. It doesn’t look as scary now on the ultrasound as both the sac and clot are getting the same size.

Keep positive, stay strong. Xxx


Yeah, unfortunately they are right. I've checked my handbook, phoned HR, payroll, and my union.

They know I'm pregnant and this doesnt make a difference. They said even if I had lost the baby they still wouldn't have paid me! I find it so inhumane, but that's the corporate world.

I work 40 plus hours a week. On my feet continuously. Bending down and picking things off the floor all day because of our lovely customers.

I didn't realise how physical it was until this bleeding started.

I'm so glad your baby is well. It gives me hope.


I think you are still entitled to SSP though? Can you ask? It’s not much but better than nothing x


Yeah,I'm entitled to Statatory Sick Pay. Its better than nothing. I'm going to try and go in the rest of the week. But if the bleeding is still worse and I have pain more at work, I'm just going to stay off. Id rather lose my house and car and everything, than loose this baby.


Hi kathryn1984, you have gotten really good advice here and I think you should consider asking for light amended duties. Don't do too much or stay at home. Better to be safe. Relax and take it easy. All the best with the pregnancy xxx


They’ve reduced my hours to 24 hours this week and 30 the next. I want to take the time off but my family can only give me £500, which won’t last long after mortgage, car, bills etc. I need to go back really, but it’s killing me that I could make the SCH worse.


Ok I see. Try not to worry too much. Get people at work to help you. It's nice your family are supportive. Xx


Hi- so sorry to hear this. Could you ask your GP to give you a sick note with amended duties? The medical certificate has an option that says that you may be fit for work provided the following conditions are met- they can then write in amended duties- eg no heavy lifting; work at till only.

If you work for a big company consider asking for an occupational health referral.

Wishing you all the best. Xx

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I’ve asked for Occupational Health. My area HR is organising an appointment. But in the mean time I’m working as usual.


I would speak to citizens advice bureau about your situation xx


I have done. They can’t help.


You and baby must come first I know you Don't like to rely on family but trust me they will want to help and sometimes It's the only positive thing we can do x


They can only give me £500, which won’t last long paying mortgage, bills etc. I’m left with little choice but to try and work.


Oh I'm sorry I hope that your work will be a bit more understanding then and hope all goes well for you It's difficult enough without these extra worries hope you get some support to help you through x


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