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MICRO TEAST / IVF / success / DONOR SPERM %%??!!

Hi all we found out my husband has azoospermia so he has micro tease surgery next month then if successful IVF with his sperm, if unseccesful - we are having the IVF with donor sperm.

I’ve found it difficult to find this situation online - maybe someone has been in this situation and has a success story for me to hear 😱

I want to know about ivf with micro tease sperm from partner & ivf with donor sperm??

I’m wandering if donar sperm is better option as it will be “perfect” sperm? If donated I’m guessing it’s great quality?? Compared to husbands sperm (if any) which has been taken out of him surgically frozen , then thawed etc.

I don’t know... so many questions !!

Thanks in advance to anyone that answers this post. Xx

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