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Irregular Periods, when to start Supercur injections


Hi everyone,

This is my first post on here and I’m due to start my first ivf cycle at the start of May.

I’m hoping some of you maybe able to clear something up for me.

I have long and slightly irregular periods. They come every calendar month, however my cycles vary in length every month. They can be From 30 days to 41 days long.

My problem is, I’m due to start long day 21 protocol but I know I can’t acurratly pinpoint when to take my first injection of Supercur, which I was told to take 7 days before my period starts.

My question is, do any of you know whether starting injections on the wrong day eg 3/4 days too early or too late will drastically effect the long day protocol?

Thanks in advance.

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Did your clinic not advise on this? I would ring them to check. My clinic always said day 21 but I have a 27/28 day cycle so I never questioned this further.

However, I have another suggestion too. Could you do ovulation tests (if you ovulate) and then seven days before your period starts should be seven days after ovulation?

Hi Lizzielizzielizzie,

The advice I got from my consultant was to start my injections in day 26/27, that was in January. Since then my periods have been irregular so now I have now clue what day to start injecting Supercur.

Thanks for the suggestion. I had the same thought and ordered some ovulation tests on amazon. I should get them soon.

Thanks for the very useful advice. I’ll email the clinic and see what they recommend.


Good luck x

Thank very much


Ho Cocoli. Try not to worry too much about this. We have lots of ladies with irregular cycles, and we just adjust medication as we go along, according to scan etc. I would go for the Day 26 start as you were originally told. However, it won't hurt to check with the clinic for their advice. Good luck! Diane

Hi Diane,

What you have said is a big relief.

I’m waiting on a reply from the clinic at the moment. Hopefully they’ll just say the same thing as you.

Best wishes


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