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Feels like endless waiting


Having a low day so hoping this will help me vent and get it out...

Had two failed tries, one fresh and one frozen. Was ready for 2nd FET attempt but seems this month I'm not going to ovulate! Typical! Now I know my body and I'll have to wait ages for a period now, then I'm pretty sure the next attempt will clash timing wise with something so will have to wait til the next cycle after that, so I'm working out I can't even try again until june/July. Which just seems so long but there is nothing I can do about it.

Feel I'm struggling at the moment with my emotions and stress levels (probably why I'm not ovulating). So many people are pregnant at work and I just begrudge them which is awful. My sister is heavily pregnant with her 3rd and I didn't realise it until recently but I've just kind of been ignoring she is pregnant (she doesn't know I'm having IVF) the other day we had a family gathering and the baby kicked, she grabbed my other sisters hand to feel it. Before all this I would of jumped over and tried to feel it aswell but I just ignored it was happening. Which is just so upsetting on so many levels.

Feel like I'm wishing time away because I want to try again but can't help myself.

I'm pretty positive mostly but had the scan today to say I'm not ovulating so just a bad day I guess

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This all sounds very hard. Could you talk to your clinic about having a fully medicated FET that doesn’t require you to ovulate? My clinic says this is a better choice if timing can be an issue. You would generally start to down regulate on day 21 of your cycle and then they add oestrogen into the mix to artificially thicken your lining. Might be worth querying- there’s more than one way to skin a cat, as it were!

I do have a medicated option but I've chosen the natural route so I guess that's the risk that comes with it when it comes to timing. Before we started IVF I was regular as clockwork so I guess it's the stress of it all

Oh then I just wish you lots of patience for the waiting xxx

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