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Access fertility acceptance

Hi everyone

We have been accepted to the 3 rounds refund programme with access fertility. We have been given the option of 50% or 70% refund options. So we have decided to go for the 70% refund option so if we are unsuccessful the refund will pay for another round. If we get to that point that will be a total of 6 rounds and if we are unsuccessful at that point we will stop. We have never had anything to freeze so I think 6 egg collections for me if enough. Funny really when we started this journey I said I didn’t want to try ivf and now look at me, 2 rounds down and talking if tackling another 4! Hopefully we will only need one more round though 🤞

Sending baby dust to us all, hope everyone is having a good weekend xx

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I have everything crossed for you ❤️


Hi penny24. Hope all goes well for you, but try not to mention clinics by name please - it's are no advertising policy. I shall be thinking of you. Diane


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