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Clear blue advanced fertility monitor ordered 😁

Hi everyone.

So after yesterday’s positive appointment we have invested in a new clear blue advanced monitor with sticks, worth a chance 😁 it might help me especially as my cycles have been erratic lately.

I’ll give an honest review once I’ve used it, in case it might help anyone else considering purchasing one.


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Glad to hear all went well yesterday, I definitely think anything’s worth trying and hopefully it’ll bring positive results xx

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My word of caution would be that the only month ever that my advanced monitor didn’t give me a positive for ovulation was the month after my lap. Which was also the month when I conceived- so I had obviously ovulated, it just hadn’t detected it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice and clear and easy to use but there’s a margin of error with any of these things and I found it very expensive, it used up a lot of batteries as well as the very pricey sticks, and I totally lost faith in it after it clearly missed my ovulation that time so I haven’t used it since (we miscarried, hence still having any interest in using it). Of course you might get on better with it so don’t let me put you off but I thought I’d make you aware of my experiences.


Thank you. I can understand why you’d feel like that and I would be the same. But it might help me record my periods which have become so irregular lately xoxo


An app would do that too. I use one called M.P.T. But you can’t share it with people whereas anyone can look at the clear blue, if you want to share it with hubbie or whatever x


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