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Is heavy bleeding normal after hysteroscopy and laparoscopy?



I’m sorry to post again.

I had a my second laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy. It was a diagnostic hysteroscopy with curettage and I had endo removed again same place in pod. Some was removed from back of my uterus and some had to be left due to location- rectum nice 😂. The gynaecologist has refered me to a colorectal specialist over it and my bleeding back passage during periods isn’t endo lovely 🤮

I’ve had all the normal symptoms post op- cramping, bloating, spotting which hasn’t stopped .I feel well in myself. My period wasn’t due till this Saturday but I’m bleeding like a period today. Could the surgery brought my period on early?

I spoke to my GP this morning over when to repeat the iron blood test- typically I was only spotting then.

I am seeing my fertility doctor tomorrow.

Should I just wait to see him or does it need dealing now? I have got numbers I can call for advice. xoxo


So have heard from my GP and she thinks it’s just my period come early and nothing to worry about!

She’s prescribed transexamic acid and I’ve got co-codamol for the pain. As I’m under a week I’m using pads not to risk infection.

Asked me what my period is- I said define normal with endometriosis 🤣🤣🤣

Thank you all for your kind comments and making me feel my concerns were valid 🤗😘 xoxo

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I got my period early after my hysteroscopy Jess so might just be a period. Mine wasnt heavy but Id had quite a lot of tissue cut away during surgery and I dont really get heavy periods anyway but I had cramping - althought a lot worse than usual. I guess if its really heavy and you are really worried you can give them a call to put your mind at rest.xx

Thank you.

I called the line but they said to call GP- I can’t help but think I’ll be wasting her time. xoxo

I had the same what you had done on my first lap endo wasn't in same location. I never bled heavily either my period was heavy and horrendous but come on time my lap was on ovulation day. Ring gp you won't, be wasting their time it's their job to reasure us when we're not sure 💗🤗😘

Thank you lovely.

Last time I had my laparoscopy I had no bleeding and period arrived bang on day 28. Maybe because there was more this time ☹️

I have phoned and I’m waiting on a call back. Xoxo

You know the drill if your filling a pad every hour then it's something not right, see what go says it probs is because you've had more removed 💗🤗😘

Thank you. It’s probaly just brought my period on earlier but best safe than sorry. I’ve had terrible cramping which has reduced me to co-codamol. xoxo

It's awful. First few periods after a lap are bloody terrible and that's saying something with our terrible "normal" periods 💗🤗😘

Haha yes that is saying a lot!!!

Perhaps the GnRH and bringing on a menopausal state before ttc are sounding appealing 😂😂😂 xoxo

Ohhhh God 😂💗🤗😘

Oooh that's hard one that only you can answer. Does it feel like a "normal" period? If you have a niggling doubt that something isnt right then give them if a phone. At least you have an appointment with the Consultant tomorrow.xx

I ended up following day surgery’s advice - it seems daft but I guess best safe than sorry xoxo

I had my hysteroscopy beginning of the month and started bleeding heavy the day after (my period wasn’t due for another week), although I did go a&e and had a small infection the clinic are now saying it was probably my period as I’ve had no bleeding since then xx

I suspect it’s quite common to bring a period on early. I doubt I have an infection as I feel well in myself. Feels like it’s a waste of drs time but that is what I was told to do.

I hope the period being early hasn’t delayed things too much xoxo

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I didn’t feel unwell or anything either but I agree its definitely worth checking with them, hope you got some answers today.

Unfortunately it’s delayed everything and now have no idea when AF is due which is frustrating but we’ll get there xx

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Thank you.

I did - and my GP thought it brought my period on earlier.

Sorry yours delayed your treatment- how annoying. I suppose it gives your body a bit longer to heal after the procedure and perhaps that’ll give the treatment a better chance xoxo

I bled for 2 weeks after my laparoscopic removal of endo, with hysteroscopy. Some of it would have been a period, I was due a week after the surgery. Some of it was due to the trauma of the surgery and they had trouble getting into my cervix/womb which they said contributed to the prolonged bleed. I get very heavy periods too, whether this was a factor.

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I think I must have been well lucky with my first laparoscopy- just had my period turn bang on day 28 and the only hassle I was I needed a nurse to remove a few stitches!

Me too , I think that’s a part of endo 🙄

Hope you’re ok xoxo

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Hope you’re doing well Jess. Good you got to speak to GP. Hope the bleeding isn’t so bad.

I’m okay. Although I’ve had the worst period ever - and that’s saying something for me as I’m usually pretty badly. Bad pain since Monday even before the bleeding started Tuesday. Nausea and dizziness the last 3 days. Massive clots (larger than normal). Feel terrible. Excluding the early period I had immediately post-surgery this is my 3rd period since and I haven’t seen much improvement since the endo was removed. I was diagnosed with suspected adenomyosis so I think it’s that which causes my symptoms as opposed to my endo which was relatively mild xx

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Oh weemrah im sorry to hear that.

Endo stage bears no resemblance to the symptoms/ pain. You can have mild endo like mine was and have every symptom in the book, or you can have severe endo with little to no symptoms. It will depend on location. Mines in pod.

I had my endo symptoms return as soon as I conceived and it was awful trying to convince medics it wasn’t in my head 🤨

It’s frustrating when a lap doesn’t ease symptoms. A lap will not cure endo as it often returns 😌

I think I have spots of endo in my uterus, I was all on my own when my consultant came to see me and I hadn’t long come back from recovery, there was such much information to take in. I remember her saying there were spots and I think she said in my uterus she couldn’t remove 😌 I’m going to ask my fertility doctor today. That’s adenmysosis isn’t it? Have they suggested anything to help with conception with that? Or does it not affect fertility?

My GP has prescribed transexamic acid to reduce period flow- could you get your GP to prescribe that to help? Also have you had your iron checked recently? Heavy bleeding can affect your iron levels- my mind is low and I take 3 ferrous sulphate daily. It has helped my constant tiredness.

I think you should get this bleeding checked over either GP or fertility doctor. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about but best to be safe than sorry.

I hope it eases soon xoxo

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Hi Jess, thanks for your reply. Yes my endo was/is on POD, some on rectum but not bad enough for any further treatment, and also on both ovaries. With adenomyosis that’s where the endo tissue grows within the muscle walls of the womb. So it’s deep inside. They can’t diagnose definitively without a hysterectomy I’m led to believe - but I’ve not had my follow-up post-surgery consult yet, it’s next month cos I changed it from March. So I don’t know really the implications of it, but from what I’ve read myself there’s no treatment but it should not affect conception too much, but i have read there’s a small increased risk of miscarriage because of the additional contractions the condition causes.

I’ve had the pills you mention already some time ago and they made no difference. More IVF next month (donor egg) so I’ll just grin and bear it and hope this is my last period for a while!!

Keep yourself well, hope you are resting xx

Hi I’ve updated 😀

Thank you for being so supportive xoxo

Glad to hear all Ok!x

Hello. I bled really heavily after my 4th lap for endo in Dec. My gynaecologist said they couldn’t be sure it was my period arriving early or just from the trauma caused in surgery but started me on a course of oral metronidazole as a precaution in case the bleeding was due to post op infection. Hope your bleeding settles soon xx

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Thank you.

It seems very common!

I spoke to my GP and she thought it was my period arriving earlier.

But I might mention whilst I see my fertility doctor just in case.

4 Laps poor you! Endo is truly awful. Medics were telling me it couldn’t return that quickly- my discharge notes say otherwise! 🤣

I hope all is well is with you and you are getting some relief from the laparoscopy 💗 xoxo

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My endo returned quickly each time unfortunately. The only thing that calmed mine down for a few months was Zoladex. Prostap calmed it down but I had horrendous side effects. I’ve had 4 laps in 7 years but mine is stage 4 endo so maybe that’s why. Good luck with your fertility doctor. We’re about to start a frozen embryo cycle, very exciting! Lots of love xxx

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