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Started birth control pill on wrong day of ivf #2

I have been waiting for AF to start to be able to start my next fresh round of IVF. It is long protocol, and I was told to start taking the BCP (birth control pill) two days after I started AF. I am going to put it down to nervousness/being over excited, but I started taking the BCP on the day I started AF; instead of waiting until two days later. I'm waiting for the nurses to call me back but I am really panicking that I have now sabotaged this months cycle and they'll tell me to wait until April's AF. Has anyone else done this? Can anyone share any advice?

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I did short protocol but had to take the pill to delay the start of AF by a week so that they could time my EC for when it suited them. To do so I took the pill from Day 1. I know it’s not the same circumstances but hopefully the principle will be similar and you’ll be fine taking from day 1.


Hi Lynnr54, sorry for the delay in replying, but thank you so much for your response. As per all the advice I've been given, the nurse said it was totally fine! It is our final NHS-funded cycle, so I just want to make sure I am doing everything by the book and I panicked that I slipped at the first step! x


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