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6dp5dt feeling so negative


i’ve been doing ok-ish until yday, but my “symptoms” (cramps on left side, tiredness, dry mouth) are identical to my last 2 failed cycles & i can’t help but think i’m headed for another negative.

i’m trying to fight those demon voices, but my mind is racing & i ended up crying during my morning mindfulness (totally not the point!)

don’t know how i’m going to get to day 16.

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sending love and hugs xxx

-noodles- in reply to vic77

right back at ya 🤗

Urrghh noodles, its so hard going through the 2ww not knowing what to expect and analysing everything. Even harder when we have had failed cycles behind us too. Obviously no advice here but you're defo not alone in being all over the place during the crappy 2ww! Sending hugs xx

It's really hard but loads of people on here have posted that they felt no different from previous failed attempts and then got bfps. Try to focus on positive things. Big hugs. P.s. I am just 2 days ahead of you. Xx

-noodles- in reply to Camillage

keeping eveything crossed for you lovely - how are you feeling?

Camillage in reply to -noodles-

Nervous, apprehensive, between boughts(is that how it's spelt) of deep depression and joy, staying lying down not wanting to pee.... the usual? Ha ha.

I did my pessaries this morning and it seemed to be ok... still too scared to get up and pee. I know I will have to eventually.

I am testing on Friday which is not too bad. But still....

Fingers crossed for you too xx

-noodles- in reply to Camillage

know exactly what you mean - it’s so weird how in a moment we go from excitement to despair. keep positive and nice & chilled. sending big hugs xx

Hi, noodles. I am feeling for you. I can understand your conditions, It seems like things shattered now. You are a brave woman. Maybe you are a few steps away from the success. I wish you good luck. Sending you lots of positive vibes and hugs.

-noodles- in reply to AliciaWill

thank you for your lovely, kind words x


Hey noodles, I'm in the 2ww too. Dreading testing on Sunday. Feeling all the feelings!! I imagine this gets worse as time goes on and you go through more cycles. This is my first so I have nothing to compare it to. Really really really hoping it works out for you. (me too!) xx

-noodles- in reply to Hidden

i think it’s good to feel the feelings - much worse to supress them. i hope you’re in a good head space.

you’re in my thoughts from now until sunday, sending positive vibes ✨🤞🏻

Hidden in reply to -noodles-

Thanks love, the sun is out, bulbs I planted are growing, looking for positive things and drinking my weight in decaf clipper tea. All good here x xx x

Sending you positive thoughts, lots of love and hugs hun, wishing you all the best 💗🤗😘

thank you so much. how are you doing? x

I'm not too bad hun. I got diagnosed with HG yesterday been really ill been sick all time hoping new meds will help.


ahhh sorry to hear that - must be awful, hope the meds kick in soon & you start to feel better xxx

You feel so bad moaning about it, it knocks you for 6.

I'm wishing you all the best lovely I hope you get the bfp you really so deserve 💗🤗😘

thanks for your support ladies - i’d be lost without you 🤗🤗🤗

just been for blood test & chatted to lovely nurse who’s been through 7 rounds of IVF - a fellow warrior!

she said there’s no point in looking for symptoms, anything i feel is down to the medication. the best thing i can do is think positive & stop stressing.

big girl pants firmly on!

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