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My fresh cycle has been cancelled. How does the frozen one work exactly?

Hello lovely fighting women!

I have just (un)finished with my first IVF cycle. It didn't go very well... First, I didn't respond very well to stimmulation and we got only 6 eggs. And second, after 10 days of stimmulation they discovered a polyp (It wasn't there before, they told me probably It was due to all the hormonal treatment).

Out of the 6 eggs 4 fertilised. Of these 4, two stopped dividing at day 5, 1 is being frozen and the fourth one is uncertain (could be It gives a second frostie).

Since there is one frozen, they asked me this morning to stop with the progesterone pessaries and get my polyp removed (waiting list is about 3 months!). Once I have the surgery, I will have a frozen cycle. I have many questions and thought perhaps you can help me:

- This was my only NHS funded cycle: will the frozen Transfer still be covered?

- If I stop with the pessaries now (5 days after egg collection), when would my period normally come?

- How does a Frozen cycle normally work Does It just happen in my natural cycle? I was on a long protocol this time. Will I have to take many drugs again? I am worried another polyp could develop.

- Anybody had hysteroscopy for polyp/s removal? Is It something minor?

Thank you all and good luck in your journeys!

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Bless You, what a rollercoaster it all is!

I started short protocol on 10th Feb, on 8th day of a stims (my first scan), the nurse spotted fluid in my tubes. As I'd already started the stims (450 menopur and cetritide) they nurse said we'd continue but that we may have to freeze any embryos. On day of EC the doctor who performed EC said that she would definitely freeze anything that survived.

11 eggs collected and only three fertilized and they were frozen the day after. As far as I was told (NHS), when I've had laparoscopy to clear tubes I'll continue with treatment and it will count as the same cycle. I can't help with the other questions but wishing you lots of luck xx

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Sorry to hear that you couldn't transfer and it's hard to remember that its for your best chances of success so so try to focus on that.

For me, my frozen cycle I still down regulated then room estrogen tablets to increase my lining with check scans until I was at the right thickness. I guess it depends on the protocol your clinic decides. What I will say is that it feels much less of a pressure as you know your frosties are safe until you get the green light to be ready & they defrost them.

Regarding your query about polyp removal, as far as I'm aware they can be removed at hysteroscopy though that depends on size, location etc. However if it was a drug induced polyp, maybe it can go awayby itself.....your clinic will keep you right on the best way forward.

I took progesterone when I couldn't transfer and got my period around a week later.

Can't comment on the NHS thing as it's a lot different from Scotland.

Big hugs for your disappointment but yeah to having a frosties and maybe a 2nd!!xx

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Hi angnome, me again!!

So I had a hysteroscopy about 5 years ago before I started my ivf journey. I had 21 polyps removed however they were tiny. I had a general anaesthetic I had to have the next day off work. But I had no pain or side effects at all. Because they do the op via your vagina you have no wounds to heal so it’s a much quicker recovery time. Hope you get your date soon. Xx

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Thank you all ladies! Very useful!! Xxx


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