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Follicle tracking scan week!

As the title suggests; it’s roller coaster start week... will my follicles develop, won’t they?! Which side will show more... oh the tension!!!

Really hoping we’re looking at egg collection by next week? 🤞🏼 I know my body can ‘do this’ it’s just going through the motions, any tips on how to channel my stress into something other than the Lindt?!? Lol 🤯

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Hi seedgie15. Have faith in yourself. I'm sure you will do well and get some good eggs ready for fertilisation. Good luck! Diane

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This is me too the sorting work out in between is mental all the changing dates !!! Ive been there every 2 days including today and back Wednesday again !! It’s great seeing them grow in the screen gives u the motivation 💪🏼 we can do this !! X

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It can be very stressful yes but I found acupuncture helped me. With regards to the growing of the follicles they can seem very very slow at the beginning. I was on stimms for 16days!!

My right ovary was very dormant (only 2very small follicles wheresas my left had 15follicles after day 8of stimms even though I had 3large endometriomas in left)

Mine didn’t start growing until they upped my dose and even then my right still had 2. And just 2days before egg collection my right responded with 6large follicles!

Stay hopeful xx

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