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EGG collection done 🙃

And I feel loopy!

First thing I said as I came around from the sedation was “I was in a metal egg and you were all there” 🤣

It was fine and calming. They collected 9 eggs and so keeping everything crossed some fertilise over night.

Waiting now for pizza delivery and can’t blimmin wait.

Hope all of you are doing well, my heart goes out to all of you on this weird journey. Positive thoughts and hugs all round xxxx

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Just to let you know that my egg collection was today as well. So I'm waiting to hear from them tomorrow as well. We are in the same boat.

Everything is fine except that My stomach is feeling Bloated after 7hrs since EC done. How about you?

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Hope it went well? I’m doing ok but was only 3 hours ago. Bit bruised inside but that can be expected!

Good luck for tomorrow xxx


Glad it all went well fingers crossed for some good embies 🤞🏼


Thank you!

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Glad it went well and what a great number, lots of luck for tomorrow’s call x


Thanks lovely x


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