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Bit disappointed after follicle scan


I had my scan after this last week and a bit of stimms.

I have 11 follicles total but only 7 are big enough. Going ahead with egg collection and waiting on a call back to let me know if Friday, Sat or Monday.

Can anyone offer up some positive feedback on this result!? I feel like it's low and really bit down now.

Endo lining is 13mm which I think is OK?

Going for acupuncture again tomorrow.


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But then again - maybe I should just count my lucky stars we are going through to egg collection! Other peoples stories on here show how much of a lottery this whole thing is. x


I think but am not sure that I had 7 big enough follicles on my first round, and 8 on my second. I got 4 eggs on first round, and 5 on second. I was hugely disappointed by the result both times (especially when the clinic tells you averages etc and you read how many eggs others seem to get) and got really down about it too. I did got pregnant both times (first ended in miscarriage but now 16 weeks pregnant from second round). It really is quality over quantity and there is also some discussion that having far too many eggs isn't good either as not all of them may mature. 7 follicles is still a good number so please try not to stress about it - so much easier said than done. The whole IVF thing really is a rollercoaster and you seem to have so much to worry about/analyse at every single stage -something that people not going through this nonsense don't need to worry about. Remember in natural conception people only have one egg a month. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and try not to get too caught up in numbers (but I know this is so much easier said than done). Good luck and try and relax between now/egg collection/transfer. xx


Thank you for replying, it really helped and I’m so sorry to read of your loss. So happy for your new pregnancy and hope you’re doing well. X


Hi LittleBlue34. Try not to worry, as that is not a bad number, so hopefully there will be an egg in each of them. Your womb lining is fine, so I don't think it will be long before they do EC. Good luck and I shall be thinking of you. Diane

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Thanks, as always Diane :)


I know the feeling. My first round the nurse counted 15 good sized follicles the day before i triggered and then at collection, dr only aspirated 9 and I got 8 mature eggs. This time they went into 23 follicles and only 15 mature eggs... so you never know. Each time it’s different. It’s still a great number. And the other may still catch up! You might be surprised on Friday. Good luck


Thank you love. You’re right, can only wait and see! This whole process has tested my ability to do that! X


My number of follicles never seems to bear much relation to the number of eggs (3 rounds) once I get to egg collection.

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Thanks Lizzielizzielizzie, everyone is different and I need to remember that! X


Hi, I was and iui conversion to ivf as I had produced too many eggs. My stimulation was upped however, by retrieval day we only had two fully matured eggs. I was terrified as it didn’t give us good odds. Luckily, both had fertilised, I had a fresh 3 day transfer with the best looking one and the other was left to go onto day 5. Unfortunately, by day 5 it hadn’t progressed like they wanted so was destroyed. My 2ww was excruciating as I knew that if this transfer didn’t work I would have to start all over again. Thankfully for us that tiny chance stuck and I am almost 20 weeks pregnant. It feels like a miricle after 7 years unable to conceive. So, don’t lose hope even though the numbers seem low you only need one 💕. Got my fingers and toes crossed that you have the same amazing outcome we did xx


Oh thank you! And so happy for you, congratulations! X


Hi Little Blue

Like you I came away from my scans extremly disappointed. In fact after the first scan I sobbed and sobbed and didn't sleep properly till the next as the consultant only found one follicle and I thought I had fell at the first hurdle.

At the second scan I had 4 follicles. All were growing ok but again I was disappointed as you read some women get really high numbers. I mentioned then to my consultant how Id had a horrendous few days after realising it wasn't good and could be over.....he looked shocked.....and said "amount of folliciles is the last thing I worry about, just trust me".

I did, I had a further scan, then egg retrieval, where I got 5 eggs (3 fertilised but only 2 got to blastocyst) and had my transfer on 17th February. I transferred both embryos.

I got to the end of my 2ww yesterday and got a BFP!!!!!! I'm in utter shock and total disbelief but excited and hopeful.

This is my long winded way of saying it really isn't a numbers game and although hard just take each day as it comes.

Sending love



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