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Day 7 of stimms, started Cetrotide yesterday

Hey everyone,

Just a Monday update while the snow is falling outside.

I had my first Cetrotide injection yesterday - what a mare! Took me ages to mix it, get rid of bubbles etc. But was fine. Stings afterwards and is generally itchy for about half an hour. I described it like a nettle sting that doesn't last as long.

I felt like a zombie on Friday (day 4) after feeling a little panicky that I wasn't having any reaction at all. Today I don't feel bloated but just tender inside. There's an achy feeling in my uterus which is worse when I stand.

I am getting bloated in the eve.

Drinking plenty of water, trying to remain calm even though am anxious about the scan on Wednesday. Just keeping everything crossed that I've grown some extra follies ... can't believe I could could potentially have egg collection this week!! Has happened so fast!

Hope you are all doing really well : )

Enjoy the snow if you have any xxx

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Hi LittleBlue34. Well at least you're getting the hang of it all now. Don't worry about a few tiny bubbles, as it isn't into your vein. It's a bit oily so that's why it happens. Hope all continues to go OK. Thinking of you. Diane

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Thank you Diane, that’s really sweet of you : )


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