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Gonal f

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Hi ladies I have just started round 4 and this time they changed my medication from menopur to gonal f. I don't know if it's just me over thinking things but I have been all over The place with my emotions. Mainly miserable as hell. My poor husband hasn't been able to look at me. I am on a really low dosage of 37.5 so surely it can't be making that much of a difference. I have never been this bad on any of my other cycles. Anybody used gonal f and found they were the same ? X

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Hi I was on gonal f . I never had anything else other than gonal f . My dosage was 112.5 . I felt ok on it but I don’t have anything to compare it with . First round I over stimulated . Second round it failed and I got pregnant third go . I’m currently 15 weeks so from my experience it’s good . Hope that helps a little . I think because the whole process causes anxiety it’s hard to tell if it’s the medication or just how you feel in yourself : hope it all goes well for you xx

I was on both of those yes really does muck around with ur hormones . But gradually you get used to it makes u feel like crap

I start mines tonight had my Prostap Friday and have 300 of Gonal f to do every night till Fridays scan hoping I’m not gonna be an emotional wreck as much as I was on that clomid lol

How long have u to do them for ? Maybe u are just a little anxious as it’s round 4 and a new drug than wot ur used to x

Thank you for your replies ladies. I just find it strange how I'm on the lowest dose I have ever been on and I'm the most emotional haha. I was quite calm about the fact it's round 4 but maybe your right and maybe it is starting to get to me more than I think. Hidden I'm not sure how long I have to be on gonal f, it all depends on how many follicles I got when I go for my scans. My next scan is Wednesday so hoping if responded well ..fingers crossed. Good luck for your cycle and I hope it all works out well for you x Louhanlon In a strange way your comment has made me feal better knowing it' not just me that it is messing around lol hope your well and thanks again ladies x

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Good luck on Wednesday daydreamer89 look forward to hearing ur update x

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Thank you xx

I felt pretty rubbish on both but had much better results with gonal-f so hopefully you will too x

Thank you xx

I’m on my second iui cycle with 75mg of gonal f and have to say I’ve always found it ok,I have some days where I feel weepy near the end of the injections but most of the time I’m fine 🙂 not got a success story yet unfortunately 🤞🏻 xx

Thank you hope we get our success stories soon xx

Hiya, I don’t remember feeling differently with this medication. It’s such a stressful time and sometimes I think we don’t actually realise how stressed we are until we have emotional outbursts or weird anxiety dreams. Wishing you lots of luck for your cycle pet xx

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Thank k you dunla hope your doing ok xx

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I’m ok, doing my usual stunt of trying to keep busy to avoid thinking about it 🤦🏼‍♀️ Hoping things improve for you xx

I hate the stuff, but I’m doing 300ug per day :-(

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I was never this bad on 350 of menopur so to be this emotional on 37.5 of gonal f baffles me Haha x

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