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Kleinex, ballet dancer IVF

Thank you so much for the advice, always great to hear other particularly active peoples experiences ! As it happened I backed off from everything a few days prior to egg collection, as what I was required to dance involved a lot of partnering around the waist, upside contemporary madness etc. The EC went absolutely fine, but my blood sugar hit a low soon after and ended up violently ill and passing out twice on the way home. Naturally this freaked my partner out. But Im pretty sure it was also the come down from the drugs I took during EC.

Sadly we then heard two days later that there was no fertilisation and our transfer date was cancelled for this cycle. An emotional week, but still feeling optimistic and understand that this is our first IVF try ( we´ve had a failed IUI). Also on a positive note we are doing this under the Norwegian Health service ( i live in Norway), and this attempt does not count as a "try" as there was no transfer.

I have been preparing myself mentally and physically for sometime now, but I guess I hadn't really grasped the chances of things failing at this point in the process. Because of my absence in work I have also been replaced ( understandably, as despite being an art form it is still a business). So now I have a quiet period work wise, which I suppose could be a blessing in disguise... I also had to involve and inform quite a few people, which naturally now I am regretting. However I am somebody that is particularly crappy at lying or hiding the truth, literally honesty terrets! And I was also quite excited about our whole endeavour.

Unfortunately because of the nature of my job, it is so difficult to keep these things quiet. If it happened naturally it would not be a problem, as it is quite safe to dance during the first few months of pregnancy. However IVF seems to be a different story. I have found it particularly difficult to focus on work since we started trying years ago. This is the most important life choice for my partner and I right now, but financially I am also in no position to stop working/ dancing completely.

If anyone has experience of failed fertilization at lab stage or advice on how to feel about informing people, please let me know. xx

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Hi Kleinex, so sorry your transfer got cancelled, that happened on our last attempt with my eggs, we had never had high numbers reach day 5, but on round 4, 8 fertilised, and they had all arrested come Day 5, I was devastated and felt so empty. It was clear that after 4 rounds my eggs are the problem, despite not being that old!!! But as it’s your first go I’d say they would probably change your drug protocol to see if that helps. Have you booked your follow up?

We also are open to a fault! I just text round people so I didn’t have to do it face to face, found that a bit easier xxx


Hi Kleinex, so sorry to hear of your situation. It's definitely good to say the truth, it's golden and great people will love you for that. Don't bother yourself about those you have told, you might just try to keep more to yourself from now on but no need to lie.

I know a lady here abcgirl who had similar situation to yours, you could chat her up or even read through her post and I'm sure she will be glad to help you. I have tagger her in this message. I wish you the best with your next cycle.

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