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First appointment help

Hi ladies, I have my first appointment at the assisted conception suite at Glasgow royal at the end of March. Having called the clinic the week before last they said I shouldn’t expect any contact until May so I’m delighted to get in earlier. Just wondering if anyone has any advice on what to expect. It’s only a first appointment with the nurse. Any advice much appreciated. X

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I have my first appointment at the end of this month so I will let you know what happens. I expect it will just be bloods and paperwork I guess. I was so excited to get my appointment too x


That would be brill thanks jen! It is exciting but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Hope all goes well with yours x


Hi, I am currently attending the GRI. My first appointment was on the 20th Dec after being referred for IVF in September. The first appointment was quite quick. They went over the tests I had done, weighed me and checked my AMH blood test and told me how many cycles I could have. Its 3 if you were referred after April. I also had vaginal and cervical swabs checked. They gave me consent forms to take away and read and sign some of them and bring back to 2nd appointment which was on the 6th Feb. At that appointment it took 1 hour and your partner has to be present for this one. You and your partner sign lots of forms.I went over my past medical history, smoking/alcohol questions, any previous pregnancies, if my husband had any kids etc etc. They talked me through my AMH results and what protocol they were putting me on. Then they advised to contact them at the start of my first period to arrange to go in for a Prostap injection day 21 to start my protocol. I did this last week but unfortunately they didn't have any availability that month (which they did warn me about) so gave me dates for April. Hope that helps? Good luck x

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Thanks hun, much appreciated. It’s great to get some advice x


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