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Inappropriate posts

Hiya everyone

Just doing my morning catch up and i came accross something that i didnt think was suitable for the forum.

Why do these people think it is ok to post such things. I have reported it as i found it offensive.

I think these people have mental illness or something, its not nice seening these kind of things when usually everyone is kind and mindful of other peoples situations.

Its a fertility forum not a platform so you can get rid of your unwanted children, im very angry and disgusted.

Sorry for the rant to the genuine member's but these people boil my piss

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I saw this too and was very irked by it so totally with you on this one! Reported! Try not to let it get to you, there are always gonna be weirdos on open forums like this unfortunately!xx


I left a comment saying they needed to seek help for mental illness.

I don't normally rise to such bait but it made me so angry.

These people are simply trolls and have nothing better to do.

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Try to ignore them - they are not worth you getting upset over. It is always the wrong people that can have many children which they can’t look after and it upsets me when I see so many wonderful ladies on here who would make brilliant mothers struggling 😡😡😡 Rise above it- they get their kicks out of hurting - they are the ones with the problem- messed up individuals. What is wrong with these people I do not know. But let’s not give them any attention. Pity their sad existence if that’s what makes them tick.

Most of us are genuine and are here to support each other through this difficult and painful journey.

Admin will deal with it. Sorry it has caused you upset. Wish there was a way to stop this type of thing from happening xoxo


I missed this one but have felt the same frustration in the past! It’s unbelieveable but I tend to scroll past them now and ignore. Hope your ok, remember there are so many more positive people here than negative. Xxx


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