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Success stories in regard intralipid/ assisted hatching and having Lower doses of ivf meds . I will appreciate any info

Hi ladies

Happy new year didn't get the chance to say that

So today i had my laparoscopy and hysteroscopy with dye test after 3 failed ivf cycles [ two fresh and one frozen ] under NHS

They found my tubes are blocked with two fibroid insignificant in size

I told the sergeon to take a biobsy to investigate why I failed implantation and at the same do the scratch

His reply was a biobsy can be considered as scratch ! Is that correct ? Unfortunately the biobsy will be examined for infection reasons only not for killer cells as I did a bit of research

I was bit disappointed since I really wanted to know if my womb has a killer cells

Am doing my ivf a broad and if I need intralipid infusion I will request that if i knew I had NKC

Please can someone enlighten me with success stories with intralipid or assisted hatching especially ladies with my age a group since I have met doctors who tells me repeatedly how low our success rate

One more question I am more in to natural ivf cycle meaning to have lower doses for stimulation I felt crap after my failed cycles

If anyone tried this type of cycle and had success I will be grateful to know about it

Have a nice weekend u all

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Hiya, hope you’re recovering ok after your procedures. Biopsy will have same effect as scratch. I am not familiar with NK cells testing or Intra lipids but I’m sure some of the other ladies will help with that. Best of luck as you prepare for your treatment abroad x


I was also told that a biopsy functions as a scratch and I think this makes perfect sense.

The hfea have a part of their website which discusses the scientific research behind additional treatments. They basically don’t think there’s any evidence that assisted hatching works. They’re also not keen on intrallipids but I know of someone who has got pregnant and thinks it is because of taking them.

The only way to get NK cells tested is to pay. Some private clinics will do a blood test for them, otherwise you can visit a professor in Coventry and pay a fee to have a nk test done on uterine cells, lots of women on here have done that and you can google it.

Hope that helps.


Yep. I've had the NK test at Coventry which is the uterus lining biopsy. If high levels are found they would prescribe steroids (prednisone).

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