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12dp5dt 😳

I’ve made it to 12dp5dt and am still none the wiser as to what is going on.

Been bleeding on and off since Tuesday, every time I feel like it’s going to start to flow like a period it stops. my period pain usually radiates all the way across my abdomen, my pelvis feels heavy and I have back pain too, not had that at all. I’ve had really intense pain on my right side which strangely has happened at round about the same time. 2 days in a row, which I thought was strange.

I’ve been so stressed about what to do, what not to do that I’ve acceoted that this cycle may not have been successful so haven’t stressed over the little things so much, I’ve taken baths, fully cleaned my house, if I wasn’t lacking so much energy I would have gone back to the gym but I only do weights so it’s not really safe for me to lift until I’ve got my energy back.

I keep telling myself I’m prepared for OTD on Sunday so I’m not too upset if I see a negative result, I’ve cried enough this week already! But it’ll still be devastating, will be relieved to get a definite answer so I can draw a line under this cycle, recover and move on.

My husband is treating me to a shopping trip this weekend which I am looking forward to, it’s not very often he will a) willingly take me shopping or b) spend money on me unless I extort it out of him (he’s an accountant 🙄😂😂) so am making the most of it!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and for anyone testing or conceiving over the weekend 😉 hope you get your BFP xxx

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Hi Sarah I am so sorry to hear you have been having such a difficult week. A day out at the weekend sounds like a great idea to try to distract your mind a bit, if that’s at all possible. I am really hoping you can still get your BFP, I have read about other women on this forum who have gone on to get one after having bled during the two week wait xxx

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Thanks Dunla, been the worst week, would be a miracle if I got a positive outcome from this but I feel it’s becoming less and less likely, trying to keep a little bit of hope going that this is normal and I could still be pregnant but need to prepare myself to try and lessen the heartache but nothing really will when I do the test on Sunday xxx


My heart goes out to you, it really does. Sending you lots and lots of love. Take care


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