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Hi all, I’m so confused and a little down after our update call this morning, so wanted to ask you wonderful ladies on here if you have any experience or knowledge of 1PN embryos?! I’d never heard of it before but have obviously been googling like mad since the call an hour ago!

We had EC on Tuesday so had the update this morning and of the 6 eggs collected, all were mature, 1 didn’t fertilise, 1 fertilised abnormally so is out, 2 fertilised normally and two have now fertilised ‘atypically’. Basically she said they call them 1PN where fertilisation doesn’t happen within the normal timeframe and they only see one pronuclei when there should be two (the DNA from each of us I think).

From what I’ve read, the chances of one of these going on to form a good blastocyst is unlikely but possible.

My two ‘normal’ embryos are dividing ok but I don’t think are great! I know no one can tell me it will be ok but I’m feeling like the odds are against us now.

I’m looking at probably a day 3 transfer tomorrow with the two better embryos and I’m sure they’ve said before that at our clinic they only put two in if they aren’t very good quality.

Does anyone have any words to get my positivity back?! I know we’re not out yet but I can’t seem to picture it any more.

Love to all of you xx

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Two is ok, that’s still two chances of a baby. There are people who only have one and still go on to get a bfp. Don’t worry about a three day transfer either, basically they like to grow them to five days so they can make choices about which embies are best, if you’re having two put back anyway then there’s no need to keep them out longer and in you is the best place for them. Good luck and baby dust xx

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Ah thank you for your reply, you are right there is still chance! I guess it’s just not quite the news I was hoping for so just need to get my head around it and then get on with it!

Last time everything went to plan, we had one day 5 blastocyst put back but that didn’t work so maybe something different is the best thing for us this time! I’m gonna tell myself what will be will be!

Good luck to you too xx


It’s such a stressful process and whatever happens, we find things to worry about. Good luck xx


I have never heard of that term either, sorry I can’t shed any light on it. Hoping your wee embryos keep growing and best of luck for your transfer xx


Thank you so much, fingers crossed xxx


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