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Continuous cramping since 4dp3dt

Hi everyone,

I am on my final round of ivf, currently 5dp3dt and I know that cramping is normal with the progesterone but yesterday i started getting sharp stabby cramps in my lower abdomen (just above the pubic bone). I had some stabby pains in my ovaries on my last cycle but these have been pretty much continuous for 48 hours now rather than coming and going - has anyone else had it like this?

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I did but they said it was my OHSS, do you have any symptoms? I would definitely give the clinic a call for some peace of mind if anything! Fingers crossed for you x x x


Hiya, hoping you can get some answers from your clinic about those pains and some relief from them. I’m on my final attempt too, really hoping all will be well for you 💕xxx


I had cramps really bad on the 7th day of my 2ww and they were so bad I almost wanted to cry...and I still got a bfp on test day so hang in there!! Good luck!! 🍀


Thanks guys, they seem to have settled down a lot today, barely any pain at all so who knows what it all was about. I had ohss at the start but it settled down a couple of days after the egg transfer. Its weird to think this time next week my future is mapped out for me one way or another...


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