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Faint 2nd line on OPK after ovulating


Hi all,

I ovulated day 18 and Now on day 22 and still have a faint second line on my opks? It’s been the same since I ovulated...any ideas?

Thanks x

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I’ve recently had surgery on my ovary and have permanent second line ever since. Apparently any sort of damage/PCOS to ovaries can cause this.

Interesting...okay thank you for sharing! X

I used to use cheaper OPK- then I found it difficult looking at the lines and seeing if I was ovulating!

Then I switched go clear blue ones- which shows a smily face instead of looking at lines! Much easier.

Good luck with this cycle 😊 xoxo

Rachwithers in reply to jess1981

Thank you! It’s just the cost of them isn’t it...? Thanks again, and to you xx

jess1981 in reply to Rachwithers

Very true- my gp says if you try 2-3 times a week you don’t need opk- and sex can be more spontaneous! My consultant told me to ditch the sticks and buy wine 🍷 instead 😂 if you insist DR 😂😂😂 xoxo

Rachwithers in reply to jess1981

Interesting take on things Dr! 😂😂 xx

Tugsgirl in reply to Rachwithers

I agree with Jess. I’ve switched to the clearblue ones and just use one a day at the same time every day. Either way, once you get your positive opk it’s best not to do any more tests because you’ll drive yourself crazy 😜 xx

My understanding is you always have some lh in your urine so will always get a second line. It is when the second is as bold as the test that it’s positive Xx

Some people always have some lh lurking in the urine. Some people get positives twice a month one before ovulation an other before period just when lh spikes. When I did use opks I would only ever, get positives before ovulation and got a positive, twice when I was pregnant. I do agree the clear blue are best and there's no point testing after ovulation if your ttc the best thing is to take a hpt if your period doesn't show up. I do think this constant testing adds stress though which isn't helpful. Dtd every other day keep the sperm fresh and optimize your chances. Good luck hun 💗💗🤗😘.

I wouldn't worry about it, I usually have something of a line on my OPKs. They usually also become darker close to af. I test until I see a positive, then keep testing to see it fade out then stop using them but I temp also, so I know I ovulated by the shift in temps. If you temp also and can confirm by that that you ovulated then I really wouldn't worry about it and tbh I'd stop using them. If you don't temp and your cycles are irregular it may be worth keeping on using them as sometimes our bodies can try to ovulate but then don't, followed by trying later on

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