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Hey everyone. I am a mother of a beautiful 3 years old daughter. My husband and I have been wanting another child to complete the family. We have been trying since a year and nothing has happened. The doctor says that we should still keep trying as our first child was naturally conceived this might be as well. Do you think we should rather opt for IVF? or should start looking into another treatment? Really confused.

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Hi angellllll. I don't think it would be unreasonable to ask your GP to do some blood tests on you to check your hormones are still OK. You might also ask him/her to refer you to a fertility specialist for tests. However, should you need treatment such as IVF you would have to pay as you already have a child. Hope all is soon sorted for you and you can get the treatment you may need. Diane


Hey, everyone, I thought I should update everyone. So after days of nothing, I decided to visit another doctor. He was a specialist and did a couple of my tests. When the tests came I was told that my hormones were imbalanced. He was surprised to find out that I was naturally able to conceive my first child. However, told me that according to the reports my AMH levels were low and FSH levels were high.I was really sad as that meant it won't be easy. However, I was also kind of contended that at least now I knew what was wrong. Then I started doing my own research. A friend of mine suggested this clinic. I got in touch with them they asked me to visit the clinic. The first initial meeting including the accommodation was for free. In the initial meeting, the doctors did my checkup. As that they said would help them determine what will work the best for me. They have said that IVF would best me.


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