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Alcohol and IVF

I’ve come on here to have a bit of a rant!

My husband despite so many nags from me still will not stop drinking alcohol.

We start IVF at the end of Feb / beginning March and I just had to write him an EMAIL(!) in the hope that would get through to him.

This study shows that just 4 drinks a week can lower success rates by 16% and he defo has more than that. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl...

Anyway, I’m frustrated and willing to do anything to be a Mum and just so angry that he isn’t willing to do this too. Hoping writing it down will make it sink in. X

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Hi LittleBlue34. So frustrating for you. I wish he could see the effect it has on sperm, making them quite sleepy if too much is drunk. Just keep encouraging him to stop, or cut right down and don't buy any alcohol for the home. It's the binge drinking that's the biggest problem, so I wish you huge luck with trying to persuade him to stop, and I hope all goes well with your treatment cycle. Diane


Thank you Diane - he has said he will stop completely but I hate that it had to take me having to write it down to explain the importance! Hope that it won't be too late in the day..


Hi. No, a couple of weeks and it will be out of his system. Good luck! Diane

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In my experience, he has to be the one to decide, no amount of nagging will help and only cause more tension. I really hope he makes the changes you want and you get the result you desperately want.


My husband didn’t give up completely until we found out the problem was with him, but this cycle he has stopped completely- I’m hoping it makes a difference! I really do understand the frustration you feel.


This is totally understandable. Sometimes it feels that the woman has to make all the sacrifices. It adds an additional stress for u too worrying about it. My hubby doesnt drink often but equally he didn't 'give up 'exactly either. He wont have drank in about 6 weeks by time he needs to give his sample. My hubby is amazing but i do wish he would have gone t total with me.

Hopefully ur email will do the trick! 😘 xx


Sorry to hear you are frustrated.alot of us here have been there. He's probably using alcohol to cope with the whole journey. Try having one more conversation with him after he reads your email. After that just tell him you need his support and focus on your treatment .


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