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FET transfer all booked


Hey all I havent posted much this time round but had my lining scan this morning and it's 10.4 so all good to go. I am booked in for transfer on 25th. Praying it all goes well and that my embie survives thawing process. Good luck to everyone wherever you are on your journey ❤️ Xx

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Wishing you lots of luck! Everything is sounding great, fingers crossed for you!xx

WOW, well done you. Mine was 7mm, hopefully it will keep growing another bit. Wishing you so much luck for next week, especially the thaw of your precious embryo. I am so scared about our wee eggs being thawed too. We have ten vitrified donor eggs to use. I’m in for transfer on the 26th all being well. I’ll be thinking of you and looking out to see an update on how things are going for you xxx

Wishing you lots of luck! 🤞all sounding positive xx

Penders in reply to E_05

Thanks. I hope that you are doing ok xx

Will keep my fingers crossed for your little embie 🤞 good luck xx

Penders in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks. Good luck for your next round xx


Hi Penders. Just adding my good wishes for next week and your FET. Have a nice little rest afterwards. Thinking of you. Diane

EEEEEKK GOOD LUCK!!! I find out on 22/01/18 if my two embies have stuck I am 24 and this is my second cycle x

Thanks. Good luck fingers crossed for BFP for you on 22nd xxx

Hi Penders, it is good to see how much progress you have made. I am so thrilled with the thickness of your lining. Can you please share what you did?

I wish you well with this round and I pray that you have a healthy pregnancy.

Penders in reply to kumkums

Hi Kumkums how are you doing? This round was a medicated one so its all down to the meds. Buserelin injections, progynova tablets and evorel patches (a lot to remember) I've been trying to eat healthy but that's about it really. Xxx

kumkums in reply to Penders

I'm doing well, thank you. Thanks for sharing what you did. My first cycle was also a medicated FET and my lining was 8.5 thick ( progynova only, no down reg), was just thrilled with yours.

My next FET is scheduled for February, however I'm trusting God for a natural conception miracle before the FET.

Great news!! Good Luck for your transfer next week!! 🤞🏻

I’ve had my progynova upped for another week, lining not there yet!! 😕 xx

Penders in reply to Leo2017

Thanks. Fingers crossed for you that your lining gets nice and thick this week. Xx

Ah best of luck to u! Hope everything goes well for u, keep us up to date 💕

Good luck xx

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