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headaches :(

Hello lovelies,

I have moved on the stim process, only day 2 of menopur (150iu). I keep getting really horrible headaches, I usually get them anyway but they seem to be here everyday and I work on a computer which is making them so much worse. I drink about 4L of water a day plus pom juice and decaf tea so I must be getting enough fluid. I've read on different website various things about taking paracetamol on top of all the drugs isn't that good, just wondered if anyone has and been okay? Might call the clinic if they carry on but im trying to sip water constantly to calm it but it just isn't settling :( scared that menopur is going to make them worse or make me feel worse... panicking isn't me so I know I need to just relax and flow with it but these headaches are annoying :(

Sorry, ranting away. Hope everyone is well and baby dust to all xxx

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Hiya, you poor thing. The headaches are horrible. I get them too during IVF. The fluctuation in hormones plays havoc with your body.

You are definitely getting enough fluids, i’m sure you’re running back and forward to the loo with all that lot. I know I have been!

I did paracetamol, I’m not sure if you’re supposed to or not but I found sometimes they didn’t work. I ended up going for a lie down and a snooze when I got home from work and that helped lift it a bit.

Sorry i don’t have any other tips or advice for you. Hoping someone else here will be able to suggest something that will give you some relief xx


The loo has become my best friend during work, seem to be running off every hour! Its annoying but I guess good practice.

I find it doesn't help either, I had to go out for 20 minute walk to get away from my screen and it helped a little... I guess its just something I will have to carry on coping with!

Thanks for your help xxx

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I take paracetamol if necessary, I don’t think it does harm and my clinic actually give it to you before EC!

As the stims kick in you really should start to feel better but I would also advise making sure you are getting enough sleep x


Hello, no headache yet today so hopefully its calming down!! I defo get enough sleep, my partner thinks I sleep to much haha, I usually get about 7 - 9 hours xx


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