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Hi I am Amanda and I am 33 years old and I was in a long term relationship for 14 years and I was going through ivf on the NHS when me and my then partner split up I have been single for 2 years now and decided that I still would like to have a baby so I trying the NHS but I don't fit the criteria she I am a single person so I have had to look in to going private but the cost to he ivf dun is really expensive and hard to get the cash to gither i just don't no what to do when you want something so bad it's just not fair.

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Ah sorry to hear that you split up with your partner, wishing you luck in having a baby without him. I'm single and had 5 rounds of ivf, 4 in UK which was extremely expensive and last round in Athens but also Donor eggs as well as sperm. Alot cheaper and found the whole experience better. Maybe look abroad.. I wiped out my savings doing it and a bit of help from family... But well worth it.. I have my 11 week son laid next to me now. Have you got supportive family and friends? Any questions you have and want to ask please do... Wishing you all the best love Jackie xx


Hi Jackie thank you for replying to how long did you have to send in Athens to have it all done and if you don't mind me asking how much did it cost x thanks amanda xx

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As I had Donor egg and sperm I only needed to go for 3 days... Lovely trip.. Think it was around £5000,lots to take in... Hope you find the money and continue forward with treatment.. All the best xxx


Hi lyeo

Yes that would be great I have be doing my research and lots people are telling ther stories and I can't help but feel that this might be the best way for me to do it out side the UK I was looking and phoneing up for quites and in the UK its between 8 to 10k and people just don't have the kind of cash lieing around it hurts me more to think I was so close to having it dun on the NHS with my parent at the time but it just tor us apart the pressure and stress and new I can get it because I am single and doing it on my own but I have my family and friends for support I just think thay need to look at the guide lines and twek them a little or bring down the price.


Hi cinderllas5

I was told I would need Ivf when I started my journey when I was 20 years old and I was on ivry tip of medication and then I was told at 26 I need Ivf is don't take a ovulat of take a period the last one I have was when I was 17 so thay said I can only have ivf to have a baby i was just a day away from haveing it put in to my wom and the stress and the pressure of it brok us up so now the embos will perhaps he has moved on so I can't yous them so now I have to look for ways to have a baby x


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