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Moving to Scotland and so close to being ref for IVF

Dear everyone. I hope you are all well. Wishing everyone loads congrats for their bfp and loads of baby dust to all the beautiful ladies on their way to get their bfp. I have been here before. Last year i said to my husband that we should mve to scotland but we ended up just staying where we are. Now he is serious to move to scotland and also becuz his contract for work finishes end of march and he defo wants to moove to scotland . all my family is in scotland. I have no one here. i wanted to move ages ago but hubby was not ready. I have a cd 2 fsh blood test to do end of jan if the results come bk within range then i will ref for ivf. my fsh came bk 9.2 and to be eligible for ref for ivf it has to be 8.2. But hubby now wants to move scotland. I dont want to speak to my consultant because they are useless. I did speak to a gp last year he didnt have a clue about this and said he would find out for me. In the end i didnt go bk to the gp as we decided to just stay put. But im bk again at the same road wondering what to do. who to turn to.I do wanna move but theres so many questions. I f i move to scotlqnd can i start treatment from where i left off. If funding has gone through for me here is it true that i then can not have treatment in scotland. So many question and dont know who to turn to. Can someone please recommend who do i need to speak to. I think i do need to speak to my consultant however they are useless they dont have a clue. its like the right hand doesnt know what th eleft is doing. i have had a very bad experiance with them. Should i go bk to my gp? feeling so stressed. I do get annoyed at my hubby he wants to move when ever he feels like it n im left to do all the finding out of the process of how to move. then he changes his mind that he doesnt wana move and then he does. ahhh ...bt he is serous now he has said yes he has decided to move and i do to want to but only if its better for the future.

mny thanks


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Sorry you’re having a hard time with all this. I was sort of in a similar situation over a year ago. I moved the Scotland in the middle of investigations. I got a copy of all the blood work and surgery I had done and forwarded it to the clinic. They re-did some of the tests but in the end because we were unexplained, i had to wait the 2 years of trying... when I moved we had been trying already for a year and half so I waited the extra 6 months and then they put me on the wait list. It was about 5 months on the wait list and now we are being treated. We get 3 cycles paid for.

If you really want to move and it’s overall better for your life and career and closer to family, sounds like the right thing to do. Especially if you aren’t happy with your GP. Doesn’t sound like it would delay your treatment any further. Also contact the clinics in the area where you will be and ask them. That’s what I did before moving and so by the time I moved I had an appointment with the clinic 3 months later. You can PM if you have more questions (as I went through a funny process to get to a clinic)

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