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Slow follicle growth but endo is fine...


I hope that some of you lovely ladies might have some advice or experience with this...currently on my 1st IVF cycle as a single patient, and goodness am I finding it hard...having a really negative day today, and just need to share it with people who I know understand. Anyway, main reason for the negativity is that my follicles aren't responding as well as would like, and I have been extended on my stim drug (Bemfola) a few extra days in hope my follicles will grow to the best worry is my endometrium is going really well...what would happen if it goes past it waiting for the follicles to catch up? I'm freaking myself out, and I know I need to stop over-thinking and get the negativity out of my head, but it's just such an emotional roller coaster isn't it, with so much of ourselves invested into it. Thank you so much for listening xx

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Put a hot water bottle on your tummy. My daughters follicles went from 13 to 16 overnight doing that . Good luck xx

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Oh thank you Gilly, I will try that. I had thought I read somewhere not to, but it makes sense to keep the area toasty. Thank you for sharing your daughters positivity, I hope she is doing well on her journey xx

I second the hot water bottle, it’s ok until you have embryo transfer and then it’s a def no. Good luck x

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Thank you Emma, my hot water bottle is now surgically attached to me! haha! (until ET, thank you, that's good info I didn't know before) xx

Hi, I had slow follicle growth during stimming, they kept increasing dosage and I was at the clinic every other day, ended up an extra 7 days in total but they got 15 eggs, 10 mature. You will get there but I understand how you are feeling, I was an emotional wreck and terrified they would cancel. I too sat with a hot water bottle each evening, drank lots and are lots of protein.

Good luck and take care of yourself it is a very emotional time x

Thank you Vicky, that's wonderful to hear! Do you remember how your endometrium was aswell? I was upto 10.5mm on previous scan, and wondering how much further it can go...?! And you're right, that fear of cancellation is so real isn't it :/ I'm so pleased you got 10 mature eggs, and I hope all is going well for you. All the very best to you too xx

You can get to at least 12mm in your lining and be fine, from experience. No idea whether there’s a limit of far or ‘could’ go though!

Thank you Lizzie, that's great to scan is in 3 hours, currently laying with hot water bottle on tummy and trying to think happy 'follicle growing' thoughts! xx

I also had to stay on stim’s for I think 16 days in total - so I understand how tough and emotional it is - the fear of a cancelled cycle!! We got 10 eggs in the end though!! Like the others have said I drank lots of water, ate protein more and several hot water bottles!! Best of luck!! xx

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Ahh thank you Leo, sounds like 10 is the magic number! I'd be absolutely delighted if that was the case for me also :) I've been drinking heaps of water, eating millions of nuts and eaten 3 poached eggs already today...protein, protein, protein haha! Oh yes, and the hot water bottle thing is a joy! Thank you for your reply, and all the best to you too xx

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