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Medication costs?!

Hi all

Sorry for the newbie qu but I don’t quote know where to start! I’m hoping to do egg freezing (am 36 and not yet in a place where can have kids but really want them down the line) and have looked into a few clinics. I really liked IVI in Portugal - I have friends in Lisbon so had a first appt to talk through it and they seemed nice and reassuring. It’s only 2500 euros including 5 years storage which seemed a lot cheaper than the UK. But with added flights/Accomodation only real difference seems to be the storage costs included. My real worry in deciding which clinic is working out drug costs! They say that’s separate, but I have no idea how you mind out how much it costs/whether to buy them here or in Portugal??? Has anyone got a sense of what sort of range of cost am looking at, and how to approach it? Feel a bit at sea! Any advice/experience would be super welcome! I need to get a bit healthier first anyway so it’s 4-6 months away but I want to factor meds’ costs into my decision on where to go (or is that not sensible?)

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Hiya, I just had a look back through old invoices and found the prescription bill for our last IVF cycle. It was just under £1900. Biggest part of that was Menopur as I have low AMH and was taking 450iu each day so needed quite a bit of it. I had my treatment in the UK and used UK pharmacy. Don’t know if that’s any help to you x


I think we paid about £1,000 for our IVF cycle and about £500 for our de cycle. Bought ours from Biodose which I found to be the cheapest. If you email them with your prescription then they will let you have a quote. When you order you will need to send them the original prescription by post, they then call you for payment over the phone & then call you back to arrange delivery. It only takes a couple of days for delivery.


We had treatment in Spain, a much better experience than our English clinic, however if you don’t stay in their country for the whole time then you need to factor in the cost of having private scans and bloods in the UK - potentially every other day. If you have friends there then at least you could stay with them for a few weeks.

Will look forward to seeing what you decide to do & think you are doing a very sensible thing!! I remember thinking about it at 30 & really wish i’d done so now!



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