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Confused...anyone else experienced this?

I am usually quite regular with a 28 day cycle. This month I am 2 days late. My basal body temperature is still elevated however I took a test this morning which was negative 😢 I have had mild cramping but I wouldn’t say it felt like normal cramps when expecting AF. So confused! I have been googling like crazy and I’m driving myself mad. Am I clinging on in hope? My husband still thinks we should remain optimistic but I’m finding it really frustrating!

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Hi Mariety. Sorry you feel confused, but being a couple of days late with a period can happen and is usually nothing to worry about. If you are checking for pregnancy, then you need to wait for a few more days until testing again. If you are particlarly worried about this, then make an appointment with your GP to discuss it further. Hope all soon resolves itself. Diane


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