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Hair colour before transfer?

This may sound random but I just wanted to check whether anybody knows if its safe to colour my hair? I have an appointment for highlights (foils, not an all over colour) 6th of Jan, the earliest I could be booked in for a transfer is the 15th. I've spoken to the hospital, they said that they don't know the answer and to check with the salon. They have said it's customers preference? xx

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Hi ashlou86.I did have had a word with my own hairdresser a little while ago, and she reckons that most of the professional hair colours could be harmful if left on for a while. However, she said that if you were just having something like highlights done using foil, then the roots tend not to absorb much if any of the colour, and the rest of the hair is dead anyway!!

Unfortunately, people like “The Body Shop” have stopped producing their henna products because the new EU regulations stated that they had to test the dye on animals before continuing to sell it. Obviously for them that was a complete “no no”. However, “Holland & Barrett” do carry a range of safe hair colourants to use during pregnancy. They are a nationwide outfit, so I am sure you would be able to visit one fairly locally. I also spoke with the “Cosmetic and Perfumery Association (CTPA) at the time, and they assure me that hair colourants are one of the most studied consumer products on the market, and are safe for all women, pregnant or not. But if you are still concerned, why don’t you buy a chemical free semi-permanent dye such as “Clairol Nice’n’Easy”, which lasts from 6 to 8 washes. It might only tone down your roots rather than cover it completely, but better than nothing. Diane


Not that my advice could ever be better than Diane's, but I asked my hairdresser about highlights/foils and IVF, she said she had often done so for ladies going through IVF. As Diane says, with highlights the colour doesn't get close to your skin so it should be absolutely fine. Plus, you've got it booked in before your transfer. Try half a lemon squeezed into warm water first thing every morning after to help cleanse any toxins out of your body and support your liver function. Good luck for your transfer xx


My hairdresser said they are concerned about dye in pregnancy just because your hormones can change and you might react even if you’ve never done so before.

Personally I’d be happy to dye it before transfer but then if I got pregnant I’d probably wait till 12 weeks before recolouring.

But as another poster has said, my advice is not a patch on Diane’s!


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