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Ovulation two periods

Hi would love it if I could get some advice of people and help me out a little, I’m basically having a period every 36 days witch is normal for me but soon as my period ends I’m having another one about 10 days later, a real period just as heavy as my first period, I’ve had scans and checks internal and everything seems fine I can’t have a smear I’m not due yet I’m only 24 I can have one in the summer, also me and my partner have been trying a baby and now I’m just wondering will this stop me conceiving or change my ovulation date so my period was 23rd dec so I should ovulate around about 14th jan ish but because I’m having another period will that knock it off or will it just stop the same and me will ovulate ?? Sorry for long long essay just would love people’s feed back x

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An adult woman can have a menstrual cycle ranging from 21 to 35 days. The cycle may vary depending on the individual woman. It may last for a few days or it may last more days than the previous one. Similarly, it may start earlier or later than the previous one. However, if you experience bleeding outside the normal bleeding, the first thing that you need to do is to find out is whether it is menstrual bleeding or spotting. Normally, periods will soak through the pad every few hours. The blood is normally bright red, unlike the wound blood which is darkish. If it is spotting, it will not fill the pad. Normally blood from spotting will be dark red.

After you determine whether it is spotting or menstrual bleeding it may be prudent that you visit a doctor so that the cause of the bleeding can be established. The bleeding could be caused by a health problem. However, you have mentioned that you have gone for scans that show everything is ok. Notice that changes in the cycle including having two periods could be caused by the change in the cycle or a medical condition. In some cases, it could be caused by pregnancy. In this case, it is referred to as spotting. Women with sexually transmitted diseases may experience discharge and bleeding. Also, miscarriage can cause bleeding and so a woman who experiences such bleeding should see a doctor immediately. Lastly, women with a fibroid or those whose menopause is setting in may experience bleeding. So, my dear, I think you are better placed to know what is happening around you and what actions you should take.


I’ve already been checked out top to toe and they can’t find nothing. So I have been put on different meds to sort out my bleeding and irregular cycles basically this month in two weeks late nearly.


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