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Flying back on day of FET

I know this has been raised before and I've just spent hours on the internet researching this.

My first IVF I flew back from Turkey one week after ET which resulted in a CP.

I have three embies stored and plan to

Fly back on the same day as ET as I wanted to feel comfortable in my own environment. Also given the fact that New Year's Eve is on Sunday.

But now I'm starting to panic and wondering if I should change my ticket?

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I planned to stay a couple of days after ET but due to a bit of a cock up at the clinic I had to fly home within 24 hours of transfer. I am now 36 weeks pregnant. Keeping calm and in a happy place in your head is the best thing... sounds a bit hippy but I downloaded meditation and visualisation recordings to listen to and just kept super positive. So just enjoy the flight. If your body is ready and you have a good embryo then that's all you need.. beyond that nature will just take it's course. Good luck xxx


Yes I feel I will be better off at home given that I'm out here in Turkey on my own. I also treated myself to business class tickets so will not be squashed on the plane and get fast track boarding and security.


My brother in law is a doctor and he advised flying the next day. I then spoke to the clinic who advised the same. So I changed my flight. All the best for a safe and healthy pregnancy for you.


Just wanted to wish you lots of luck Sanchia. Got everything crossed for you xxx


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