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Help please....very confused

We recently finished our second fresh round of ivf after the first attempt in July failed. This cycle was totally different (use I Si this time) and we ended up having a blastocyst transfer and 4 embryos frozen. On 28th Nov we did the test and got a very very faint positive. Rang the clinic who recommend testing again 3 days later but to be prepared for it not to stick. We of course tested every day, twice with digital which both said pregnant and then with a first response which gave a strong positive, we were over the moon but petrified!

We had our 7wk scan last week at 7wks4d, we had a fetal pole, yolk sac, and a good strong heartbeat but it was only measuring at 5wks6d. We were asked to return a week later... which we did today. Again, everything that should be there was, still with a heartbeat but it has barely grown.....only measuring 6wks1d, when I am now 8wks5d. The nurse said the sac and pole correlate in size which is good and there is still a heartbeat so she can't say it's not viable therefore I now go to my gp and have to wait for my 12wk scan! I am very worried that I am going to miscarry.....I have no real pregnancy symptoms, apart from some tiredness and occasional nausea. But also had no bleeding, spotting or cramping. Does anyone have any experience of this? Please help!

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I would suggest getting scans done weekly privately. All the best x

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