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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas amazing ladies and gentlemen and whatever you are doing today we hope you have an enjoyable day. The support that I’ve been given from this forum has been incredible over the last few months to what has been a year that has had it’s highs and it’s lows and I couldn’t of done it without the people around me and this forum. Our dream of being parents is taken us a step closer every day. And I’m lucky that IVF has worked first time for us as we have no remaining embryos. Our baby is a miracle baby and will be treasured by us and our family. As we have made the decision that the baby will be our only one. We may feel different at some point in the future but for now we are happy with our miracle baby who we will get to meet in 7 months time as our estimated due date is August 1st.

All the best wherever you are in your journey and all the best for 2018! There is always hope.

Love Terri and OH xxxx

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Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for your support too, I’m so happy for you!🎄xxx


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