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Follow up appointment after failed IVF

Feeling positive after seeing the consultant today. Talked about what happened during my second cycle and different options for next time. He talked about blood conditions affecting implantation so have requested further investigations. Also going to be part of research which means we can have the scratch next time. Seeing him soon to discuss blood results and protocol options. Feeling positive and as if changes for the better may be made for our final NHS cycle.

Wishing each and everyone of the lovely ladies on here whatever stage you are at in your IVF journeys a peaceful and happy Christmas! 😘🎄

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Hi cls37!

Glad to hear you’ve had a good follow up appointment.

My friend had an endo scratch on her second cycle and she feels that it helped. Who knows.

I would be really interested to know of the blood conditions he’s testing you for.

I’m convinced I had implantation issues because of incorrect progesterone levels for me and/or underlying condition.

They don’t seem to test you for anything during the implantation stage, did he mention any specific things he’s looking for?


I’ve had a whole host of bloods taken- checking for lupus and basically seeing whether my blood clots ok I think. Had lots of bloods taken so hopefully we will get some answers. If they know a cause then can be treated..., everything may start to make sense xx

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Hi, I know this post is old now but came across it when searching implantation issues. I'm seeing my consultant on march 19th and he wants to discuss blood tests for potential blood clot condition etc? And discuss having a scratch. Did you get your blood tested? Did you have any issues? And how was the scratch? Also how much did the blood tests cost? Thanks so much and good luck with your third round x


Hi, blood tests were part of the treatment. Scratch was a little uncomfortable but over quickly! Thank you xx

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