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Hi girls) I'm completely new to the forum and not entirely new to the topic of IVF. 4 years ago I did IVF with my husband and it all ended badly. At the moment, my husband and I have already divorced, he betrayed me. At the time of IVF there was one passable pipe. After IVF, there was a second ectopic pregnancy - and total deprivation of dreams of a natural pregnancy. Then I thought about our divorce for a long time, sometimes I thought that I could forgive my husband. And now I have the moral and physical strength to go for IVF.

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My friend in the middle of 2nd ivf. With the first cycle, 13 eggs retrieved, 11 mature, 6 fertilized. They were not of great quality and none made it to freezing. In this cycle 29 eggs were retrieved, 18 were mature, 13 fertilized. Plus the quality of the embryos looked much nicer....2 eight cells and one 6 cell will almost no fragmentation transferred and 4 embryos made it to day 7 freezing. She is in the 2 ww right now so hopefully one of the embryos was THE ONE. Good luck to you. Hope your next cycle is successful.




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