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Need a bit of reassurance


Hi all,after my positive on Thursday, Newcastle clinic say I don’t need any more progesterone supplements. I started feeling crampy last night and I’m terrified that I’m going bowed and get a few cramping pains last night. Is this normal? Xx

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How far along are you? Did they give you reasons why?

Fingers crossed for you xx

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I’m 4 weeks and 2 days it’s. Along 8 month wait! As soon as I’m pregnant they said I didn’t need progesterone.

I had AF type cramping all the way through from the 2ww. Put it down to the stretching that’s going on even at this early stage.

As for the progesterone, there’s no evidence it helps so some clinics don’t prescribe it beyond the 2ww x

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Thank you i feel better. I’ve been reading a few things but I was worried my follicle isn’t producing it and placenta doesn’t take over till 10 weeks. Now checking every 5 minutes for bleeding it does not get any easier after the 2ww!!

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Knicker watch takes ages to go away. Try and stay positive x

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Thank you x

Hi, I got my BFP on 8/12 from IVF and from that day was told that my body should be producing it on its own now and my clinic don't prescribe any more. I asked about it as I was worried and she said some clinics get people to continue with it but there is no proof it makes any difference.. So you should be fine without them.

So much waiting even after the 2ww! I keep doing the odd pregnancy test just in case and to stop me worrying until the viability scan 👍 xx

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Thank you it’s so worrying isn’t it!! Xxx

Is it worth double checking with them?

There are many different treatment plans out there, so it could very well be accurate. I was told when I got my BFP to continue with my cyclogest and when the scan revealed twins was told I have to continue even longer - until 28 weeks! xx

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Wow twins congratulations. I did ring them and they said I didn’t need it and my pregnancy was diagnosed through the blood test. Xxx

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That’s good then, we ultimately have to trust the experts 😊

Thank you and congratulations to you too xx

I got my BFP on the 22nd of November and I had my first scan this week and I’ve been told to carry on taking my progesterone until I’m 10 weeks pregnant. And I’m currently 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant xxxx

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Thank you I’m going to trust the experts but maybe get a couple of digital tests for reassurance! Xxx

I only had the pessaries to last until just after my 2ww then the hospital said I didn’t require them. xx

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Thank you it’s good to know you had the same and you’re happily progressing! Congratulations xxx

congratulations! I had ivf at Newcastle too and same as you they said to stop pessaries on the day of blood test. Had quite alot of cramping which they said was probably ovaries shrinking and uterus stretching. Now 19 weeks, though still check for blood every time I'm at the loo. X

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Glad to know it’s not just me lol xxx

I had a totally natural FET with no progesterone after (thank goodness as it sent me crazy first time round) and am currently nearly 30 weeks. I totally understand the constant checking for bleeding too, it’s very normal to worry.

You will get lots of funny cramps throughout so try not to worry as your body is changing so much right now. (Easier said than done)

Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy xx

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