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Hysteroscopy Failure

Hi team,

I got married three years back and from past 2 and half years we are trying for the pregnancy. We had done our first IVF in this year June and it got failed. Then after two months my doctor has suggested to do Hysteroscopy before doing the FET. We had done Hysteroscopy followed by FET. But this time also it got failure. Can anyone tell us what could be the reason even after doing the Hysteroscopy also we faced a failure.

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Hiya, sorry I don’t have much advice as I haven’t had my hysteroscopy yet but I have had 2 endo scratch (apparently they act in similar ways) and both of my cycles were unsuccessful after them to. Have you had your NK cells tested? Please remember that you did everything you could and sometimes there isn’t an answer as to why, I think that can be the cruelest part xx


I’m so sorry you have had another bfn.

Hysteroscopy is just a word to describe the dr looking at your womb with a camera so it wouldn’t actually make a difference to your ivf treatment unless the camera noticed something which they then treated.

Your clinic should offer you a follow up to discuss what other options for tests there might be in your case. Xxx


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