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Egg collection

Hi ya,

Well I can’t believe it’s all happened so quick.

I’ve had my egg collection on Monday which went ok. I’m not going to lie felt a bit of pain then ended up getting hiccups. Lol

Was given gas and too be honest I don’t remember the rest.

I was told that they managed to get 12 eggs.

Was a bit down about the number but as my OH said it’s still a good number.

Well got my call this morning to say that 9 have fertilised so I’m happy with that as I was born on the 9th month.

Not feeling any pain at all, was out with the girls today for a pre Christmas catch up. Too be honest it felt good to get out and not think about everything.

I’ve been drinking pomegranate juice and increased my intake of my 5 a day.

Waiting for the call to see how my babies are doing? Fingers crossed they are growing stronger with each day.

If I’m honest I feel really relaxed and chilled it seems likes this is not happening at the moment. As today I was discussing my friends hen weekend in Ibiza and I’ve gone ahead and booked my ticket. As I’m a planner and I like to plan things. 😂

So here’s to the next few days and then 2ww


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That’s a great number for EC, I hope your little embryos keeping doing well. I think your right sometimes it’s best to keep as busy as can. I hope the wait continues to be good for you xx


Hi Shivvyboom79. Well, so far so good. Pleased that EC went OK, and you did get a good amount, so well done. Keep up with the water for a few days and don't overdo things. Have a rest when you can. I shall be keeping everything crossed that your embies are developing well. Good luck and I shall be thinking of you. Diane


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