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Review appointment after failedIVF

Hello to you all,

We had a BFN from our first round of IVF recently and due to have our review appointment tomorrow. I have some questions to ask tomorrow and Diane has kindly sent me a list of Qs. I was wondering if there is any question/suggestion you ladies think should be asked/proposed during the review appointment? I`m almost 38 now; have been trying for over 2 years with unexplained infertility and had a natural pregnancy, which resulted in an empty sac about 6 months a go. We still have frosties waiting for us, but my big question is: do I have implantation issues? x x

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Hi sherry

I have the same question so I’ll be very interested in what your consultant says to you. Good luck with your appointment and let us know what happens xx

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Ask about how the embryos developed and what they think this tells them about your situation x

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Many thanks ladies :) Penny - I will write a new post about this xx


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